DURATIONUTE 1t 1.8 (W) x 2.4 (L)VAN 1t 1.37 (W) x 1.27 (H)x 2.8 (L)SLWB VAN 1.5T 1.7 (W) x 1.6 (H) x 3.4 (L)KMS
2 Hours$50$60$8030kms
6 Hours$70$80$10075kms
1-3 Days$89/day$99/day$130/day150kms/day
4-6 Days$70/day$80/day$110/day150kms/day
hoursUTE 1t 1.8 (W) x 2.4 (L)VAN 1t 1.37 (W) x 1.27 (H)x 2.8 (L)SLWB VAN 1.5T 1.7 (W) x 1.6 (H) x 3.4 (L)KMS
2 Hours$50$60N/A30kms
4 Hours$60$70$8550kms
6 Hours$70$80$10075kms
10 Hours$80$90$115100kms
1-3 Days$99/day$110/day$130/day150kms/day
4-6 Days$70/day$80/day$110/day150kms/day

Please choose hire duration carefully, as you can’t change the initial duration.

  • Admin / VRRF$5 per hire
  • Deposit on Card$350 on Credit Card (NO CASH DEPOSITS)
  • $500 DEBIT CARD (must be in drivers name)
  • Deposit on Hires and Licences$500 Interstate / Overseas and Company hires
  • Additional Kms30 cents per kilometre
  • Late fee$25 per hour or part thereof, 30 min or more
  • Additional Drivers $10 per hire/per day (for insurance cover)
  • Trolley Hire$25 per hire/per day
  • Excess Reduction$30 per hire/per day (optional)
  • Long Term Hire - Please call 1300 22 55 55

    Business, Long Term Leasing

    Most businesses require a replacement vehicle from time to time… If you need to rent a Ute or Van for a week, month or ongoing mini lease, Sydney Ute & Van Hire (SUVH) can create you a package that suits your business needs.  Call our friendly staff today on 1300 22 55 55, tell us what you need and we’ll create you a deal. 

    Long Term Benefits:

    • No big capital outlay required to fund the vehicles.
    • Same day starting options
    • Fixed monthly payments for the term agreed
    • One simple monthly invoice reflects cash flow and provides accurate budgeting, also tax deductible.
    • We take care of paying the Registration, Insurance, Maintenance and running costs.

    For all enquires relating to long term hire, please contact the team on 1300 22 55 55 or email us: info@suvh.com.au

  • Additional Charges

    Cleaning Fee
    $55.00 minimum to a maximum of $1000.00 if vehicle returned soiled inside or out

    Tyre Damage
    All tyre damage is at the Hirer’s expense.
    $55.00 per puncture, includes a service fee to repair the tyre.
    $200.00 per tyre damaged, includes a service fee to replace the tyre.

    Smoking not permitted
    Smoking inside our vehicles is not allowed. If vehicle returns with smoke odour, you will be charged $150.00

    Animals not permitted
    Animals inside our vehicles are not allowed. If vehicle returns with signs of animal hair or presence, you will be charged $150.00

    NRMA – Roadside Assistance call out fee
    If you require NRMA Roadside Assistance for a non-mechanical problem with the vehicle eg; help to change a flat tyre, run out of fuel or locked the key inside the vehicle etc… you will be charged a call out fee of $110.00

    Lost Key
    A charge from $300.00 up to $2,000.00 depending upon vehicle remote button key and immbolisers

    Petrol Tank
    The vehicle must be returned with a full tank, otherwise you will be charged $40.00 per quarter which includes a refilling service fee

    Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Hirer’s Information

    Deposit and Payments;
    $350 deposit on credit card. Two forms of ID required in the same name upon pick up. (No Cash)
    $500 deposit for Debit card, Company hires, Interstate or Overseas licences.

    The card holder must be present with Photo ID when collecting vehicle. Credit Card payments may incur a surcharge.

    No L or (red) P licence holders can hire or drive, must be over 25 years old.

    Interstate/Overseas licence holders
    Must present a recent legal document with a current Sydney address, and have the same name as on licence accompanied with a valid credit card for deposit and rental fee. Deposit is $500.00 on credit card.

    Hire Duration
    Choose carefully, once you leave the store you can not change the hire duration, you will be charged the late fee of $25.00 per hour for the first 4 hours then daily rate applies.

    Multiple Day Hires
    Must be paid in advance otherwise daily rate applies.

    Other Important Notes
    Reservations are held for 30 minutes only. If you do not pick up within that time, your reservation is automatically cancelled.



    The Hirer is responsible for all damage that may occur while using the hand trolley during the hire period.

  • Vehicle Insurance

    STANDARD EXCESS$3500For listed drivers
    EXCESS REDUCTION FEE$30Per hire / per day (optional)
    REDUCED EXCESS$1000For drivers over 25yrs old


    • Insurance only applies to drivers entered on the rental agreement.
    • The Excess must be paid immediately
    • Overhead, underbody and reversing damage is at Hirer’s Expense
    • Must be over 25yrs old to hire or drive!
    • Fuel, Glass breakages, Tyre puncture or Tyre damage is at Hirer’s Expense
    • Further terms and conditions apply, see rental agreement

    The vehicle is hired to you subject to the terms and conditions on the hire agreement. From the time of hire, the Hirer, Authorised Driver and Credit Card Holder entered on the hire agreement take financial responsibility for the vehicle hired. Only drivers entered on the hire agreement are allowed to drive. Unauthorised drivers = No insurance cover!!!

    There is a standard collision damage liability of $3500.00 with the above rates in the event of an accident with another vehicle. You may choose to pay the Excess reduction waiver fee at $30.00 per day upon commencement of hire, reducing the excess to $1000.00 for listed drivers over 25 years old. The Excess must be paid in full immediately irrespective of cause. All Accidents/Incidents must be reported to the Company/Agent immediately upon return of vehicle.

    Should the hirer/driver fail to comply with any terms and conditions of the hire agreement, all losses/damages arising from such event shall be at hirer(s) expense. Further Terms and Conditions apply.

  • Toll Roads / E-Tag

    It is a condition of hire that all hirers are responsible to pay for all toll charges and/or infringements or fines that occur during their hire period. Our vehicles are not fitted with any e-toll devices, so if you’re planning to travel on a toll road we advise that you contact the Toll provider and purchase a day pass to cover all tolls during your hire period, or add the rental vehicle number plate to your existing e-toll device or bring your own e-toll device. This will ensure that the toll charges are paid for.

    If you have travelled on a toll road without a pass or registering your e-tag/e-toll device, please call the tolling authority for that particular motorway within 48 hours to arrange for payment of the toll charges.

    Any unpaid Infringements like tolls, parking fines, speeding fines and/or Tow away fines come through to us from state authorities. As the owner of the vehicle, we then need to investigate who had hired the vehicle at that time, and allocate the infringement to the person responsible. To cover this admin burden, there is a $25.00 fee for investigating and allocating infringements. You will receive the fine or infringement notification from the government authority directly. The admin fee of $25.00 plus toll costs will be levied as per rental agreement. An invoice and a copy of the notice(s) will be sent to the hirer’s address provided at the time of hire.

    Purchase a Day Pass: www.emupass.com.au

    Pay Toll notices within 48hrs: https://paytollnotice.mye-toll.com.au/tollnotice/